How is metal decorative mesh made?

Whenever we mention metal, we often leave a cold and sturdy image. Using metal materials and building materials as decorations, although it looks rich and noble, it also has a sense of oppression and distance. The presentation of metal decorative mesh perfectly compensates for this drawback. The production process of metal decorative mesh is similar to the weaving of cloth.

After two sets of metal wires meet in a straight line motion, they replace each other up and down, forming a sine cosine curve like and stable stacking relationship. This weaving process changes the usual cold image of metal building materials, allowing the metal decorative mesh to display a common soft attribute.

And emit a silky luster. It can really be said to be the crystallization of art. Metal decoration nets are increasingly appearing in restaurants, hotels, leisure and entertainment cities, flagship stores, and office buildings because they can create a variety of decoration styles.

Especially for ceiling ceilings and interval curtains, they can fully utilize sunlight and lighting effects to create a dreamlike atmosphere, which has been favored by many homeowners and designers.


Post time: Aug-11-2023