How to choose high-quality metal decorative mesh


How to choose high-quality metal decorative nets, and what kind of metal decorative net is suitable for oneself? How to choose is not so easy to grasp. We know that the quality of materials plays a decisive factor in determining whether a decorative mesh is a qualified and high-quality product, which directly affects the quality and service life of the metal decorative mesh.


Metal decorative mesh can be divided into: building decorative mesh, curtain wall silk mesh, metal mesh curtain, and metal spacing according to the application environment. According to structural differences, it can also be called: composite decorative metal mesh, stainless steel decorative embossed mesh, dense decorative metal wire mesh, stainless steel rope mesh, etc. Although the titles vary and the structures are diverse, the metal decorative mesh remains unchanged. It is made of stainless steel wire and stainless steel bars mixed and distributed, and then mechanically woven into warp and weft using a wire mesh.


The quality, wire diameter, and strength of the selected stainless steel material directly affect the quality of the metal mesh. The stainless steel wire used for stainless steel decorative mesh should be processed by a legitimate manufacturer. Another thing that needs attention is the weaving process of metal mesh, which mainly depends on the “tacit understanding” between technical personnel and precision production machinery. Excellent workers can not only complete work requirements on time and with quality, but also save costs for manufacturers and reduce unnecessary waste of raw materials. After production, decorative silk screens will be colored according to customer requirements。


Post time: Aug-11-2023