Razor concertina wire ,also known as razor wire , razor barbed wire. There are mainly three kinds: spiral cross razor wire, linear razor wire and cross razor wire.

Installation method of blade thorn rope:

1. The linear razor wire is used directly by straightening the spiral blade barbed rope. There are many erection methods to choose from, and the construction speed is relatively fast. While the deterrent effect can be achieved, the cost is also saved to a great extent

2. The spiral cross razor wire does not need to use clips. It is tied between the two blade barbed nets and clamped with stainless steel sheet and galvanized steel sheet. After unfolding, it will be forked, which is beautiful and practical.

3. The crossed razor wire is connected between two blade barbed nets with stainless steel card and galvanized card buckle, which can be made into a cross shape with different diameters. It is more suitable for high walls or fences, and can play a good role in isolation and protection。


Post time: Apr-15-2022