Many of the conveyor mesh belt products produced and sold by our company are used in the food processing industry. Because the food industry has strict hygiene requirements for products, it is necessary to guarantee the material. According to the relevant national regulations, food-grade stainless steel To choose 304 and higher materials.
Chain conveyor belts are commonly used in food production equipment. The price of this conveyor belt is relatively low, the weight of the belt itself is relatively light, and the load capacity is very good. It is very simple in daily cleaning and maintenance, and is very suitable for Used extensively. There is also a commonly used type B conveyor belt. This conveyor belt has a low cost but cannot meet customer needs in terms of load. It is generally used for high-temperature baking oven equipment for light products such as bread and meat slices. It is made of steel wire. It is also very convenient for cleaning.

Material of conveyor belt: low carbon steel Q195, 201 stainless steel, 304 stainless steel, 316 stainless steel, 310 heat-resistant stainless steel, etc.

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Post time: Nov-17-2021